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HELEN who married Helen, when she was nineteen, she is twenty years old. Helena is five feet nine, with long legs, breasts sets 34 inches and dark curly hair, and hanging in the back. My name is David, I have 22 years and five feet seven. Helen and I have a sex life most of the time. Although Helen is a quiet girl usually not shy, she homemadesextube is lively and dominant in the bedroom. She loves sex and can be very strong during our homemadesextube meetings. Helen loves to tease me about the size of my penis. If I have four and a half inches long and straight, and for the first time my cock laughed at his size. Despite these shortcomings, which I fell in love and got married a year ago. After a small penis, you have to meet very difficult for me, Helen. It was not long after starting the sex she asked me to perform oral sex on her after she had thrown it began. I do not think I'll ever be able to just her orgasm with my penis, even though we try to doHelen cried really hard on me during our doomed to my pointy little complain on several occasions and stuff, very loudly, that my penis is too small to feel for her and that she had had a great one. I'm always in a position behind their end, but by my mouth and totally used to the taste of my semen. Helen I like my friends, personal things, like what they are like without their clothes, which are all perversions, all that kind of testing things. In addition, we love to hear about the size of their tails. I have homemadesextube nothing to say, however, this kind of thing that changed that much. You always want to hear about my friend Ben, after he told me one night that I thought had a very large penis, I had seen standing beside him in the bathroom. Often, when I was fucking, Helen, I wanted to say I had a tail like Ben really fill it to mock. Luckily, when you think Helen is so vocal during sex, is our house quite well soundproofed. If we had lived in an apartment with neighbors on all sides, it would be pretty embarrassing. However, there were so happy when we went on holiday this year. We had a holiday together with five other male friends, two of which were booked due to bring their friends. At the time the holidays came around the other two girls had left because of family obligations of others, because the couple had separated. It was the only woman Helen, with six men, including myself. I asked Helen if she wanted to go and I said yes, so we went for two weeks in the sun. The hotel was a modern building, homemadesextube and had three adjoining rooms, Helen and I homemadesextube in the middle, the other guys who share the two rooms. On our first night, I tried to keep calm when Helen had sex at night, when all the windows were open, and I wanted everyone to hear my teammates yelling at my wife and I took sucked. No noise from other rooms, so tHoughten things would be fine. was after our third night in a hotel that things were a little out of hand. Helen was very strong in bed that night, but did not bother to keep her quiet, like me, that there is no noise from next door, then we hear or think. Unfortunately, while I was damn Helen told me again that my penis was very small, to be fucked the tail of a child, and wanted the power of a man with an idiot. It seems that all these things that bother me knowing that I loved him and both homemadesextube of us. Having cum in her, pushed her pussy on my face told me to eat my cum from her and lick her pussy cum. I know I have about twenty minutes of licking her pussy as she told me homemadesextube that I am only good for licking spent cleaning. Maybe it was after Helen had cum for the third time homemadesextube in my language, which finally launched her head between her thighs and crawled into bed with my sDrying Punk in the face of his embrace. I felt humbled to listen, clap and cheer in front of my friends in the room next door. The guys on the other hand, came together and I could hear yelling at me about my penis size and the fact that I liked Helen lick rabbit semen. Helen took it very well, and even called back to them and told them they were just jealous. This has only encouraged the boys and started again, and exclaimed Helen, who could give her what she was, obviously, I need a good fuck. wanted I the word for me. It was bad enough that all your friends to listen to your woman an orgasm, but we know we only had a tiny penis and I have a fetish for sucking my sperm freshly fucked pussy was almost unbearable. If we all gathered in the pool the next day they were all there, ready with their comments, call me blunt tip of a pencil, and the like. It was also joked that I might be a faggot, because homemadesextube of my fondness for sperm. I laughed more out of it, there was much I could do. Helen was not much help, as they find it fun, also appeared, joked with them that are still technically a virgin, and still do not have it so far. I laughed too, that one. Helen had a lot of cock before she met me, if I had, could have lied and told half my size, but unfortunately, they knew better. She told me several times smaller than I had ever seen. They used to call good, but I think it was just to make me feel better. In the afternoon I had a joke and that is now going to use the butt of jokes to my friends. It's strange how you can get used to humiliation. We all went to a club after dinner and it was there that I have all the guys are more interested in Helen noticed. I've never had a dance with her, but she took each of them had to endure on the dance floor and grindIng against them. It was when Helen suddenly available, and all because he had learned that I do not really fuck with my small penis. Helen was delighted with homemadesextube the care you received, suddenly out of bounds to wish my wife openly of my friends was something strong for her, and loved it. As we left the club we went back to the hotel. Then we went to our room as the predictable comments with more than one of the guys said that if Helen took a hand, or anything homemadesextube else, just one call. We said goodbye and homemadesextube went inside. knew that all my friends were a repetition of last night listening, but I had already decided it would be better to give a failure of the sex that night and let things die. Unfortunately, Helen had other ideas. We were in bed with only a sheet for us, if you run your hand through the stomach and easy to stroke my cock began. She whispered to me not to be disturbedComments about my friends jealous of me, and that each would like to know where I was now in bed with her. When she told me she was stroking my cock and homemadesextube my determination was stronger weaker all the time. So much for good intentions. It seemed that in a few minutes, Helen pulled me to her, my cock hard and gets out of the final. When he began to move inside her, she began to tease me that I could not feel, and I was not in it, and told me to fuck with my small penis. I was thrusting hard and fast today, too fast, because suddenly I was up and running. Helen hugged me and shot load after load up his hole pussy. I relaxed a few minutes before Helen whispered in my ear that she needs milk. I tried to get away with using my fingers on her clitoris, but soon I was forced to go down on her and said she wanted to feel my tongue on it. A voice came from the side according to it to say that consumption ofto clean my cum and mess. This was followed by the laughter of the two rooms. There was also a giggle Helen, as she had in her hands and went out of my head and my homemadesextube guide down to the pussy was sticky. Do it for me was to tell Helen. Do it for me, if you love me, then pulled her face against her sex, and I rubbed his nose and face in her wet dripping. aspirated As I licked her pussy and Helen made ​​its way to orgasm, all the time talking to me and told me to lick harder or faster, or ask me if I liked the taste of semen. Since he arrived, he shouted out loud, I 'm running I 'm running, oh God, I 'm running, I suck, suck me homemadesextube lick all the cum from homemadesextube me. We went to sleep shortly after that, did not even bother to get up and wash your face, let dry all our juices there. The next day followed the same pattern. I was getting used to all the teasing. I could not refute his comments, because Helen and I listened every night homemadesextube as it was through the same routine in the bedroom. Helen was also the starting point for new homemadesextube flirting openly with my friends, probably because of their obvious progress in them. She touch or rub against them at every opportunity, and had begun to leave the tapes fall into your bathing suit, so while bathing left her breasts exposed almost to the nipples. The boys could not take his eyes off her. Ben There, rub some cream on the back was necessary. He stared into the pool, while working the lotion on the back and want and when they ask, if it does in the back of the legs. Ben, obviously, does not reject the offer, and they saw how my wife knelt behind him and ran his hands up and down her legs, the cream makes your hands glide over the skin. homemadesextube Helen seemed an eternity to perform this simple task, and spent much time in the back of his thigh, though the movement of the hands of the inner thigh to his tribe. Ben moved his legs further apart than my wifand rub sunscreen on your upper thighs and I'm sure a couple of times homemadesextube with his fingers brushed against homemadesextube his bullshit. When Ben finished turned and knelt as Helen still was literally about six inches from his body and even from where I was, I could see a huge bulge in his swimsuit. None of them spoke for a moment, Helen initially looked as if spellbound by the sight before him. Ben, hands on homemadesextube hips, looked at my wife, when she knelt before him with a smile on his face. The cheeky chap then reached down and stroked his huge bulk, and indeed, the material put their bags down slightly, so we all had a look at his swollen cock. This broke the ice, Ben and Helen seemed just said, that looks good for Ben. We all laughed at this, but there was a different atmosphere between us, a sexually charged atmosphere. Helen had to apply sunscreen to all my friends later. I was the only one who had considered his homemadesextube own, whichI was too busy to visit. She asked who was in the baby's back, legs, even got to rub lotion on his chest and stomach. After the episode with Ben all my friends were taken liberties with my wife. Lead to the phasing out of their tribes and shorts to rub her deeper and deeper, and I had a good look at all of the tail, but a sense of some of them. When all five of my friends had done to her instead of Helen. Normally, even now, would that help me in spreading the lotion had about themselves, but things changed. I was outside, left on my own, and Helen had five assistants of all concerned to put their hands on them. Helen leaned back, as the men decided they want to do something. Andy started in the leg, starting with the foot, while Jack took the other leg. Ben said he would ensure that the tapes were in their costumes out of the way, otherwise get the oil from them. Helen fixes this by slipping armsof carriers. His suit was dangerously loose now, just to keep her breasts firm. Ben took more liberties for a little off the head of the costume, so once again that rested just above her nipples. He poured some lotion on her hands and placed it on her bare shoulders. Helen sighed, in fact, when Ben started with a circular motion. Andy and Jack at this time stroking her thighs and she spread them a bit so that my friends have access to the inner thigh. Ben worked his hands down until they were directly over the top of his chest, where she began her cleavage. Helen 's eyes were closed now, and they gave themselves, these men, three of them there with his hands, looked attentively at homemadesextube the other two, while his friends played with my wife. Jack and Andy had every excuse rubs lotion, now were just stroking the tip of my wife 's leg, fingers have always been as close as they dared her pussy. Ben looked me, and to assess my reaction before he moved his hands to the breasts of Helen. If I say or do anything to stop it, began to gently press the flesh with your fingers to move. Helen 's mouth was open now, and his tongue was running homemadesextube on his upper lip as Ben slid his hands down and press the tip of her dress as she left. All of my wife 's breasts were now in front of my friends like Ben nipples pinched between the thumb and index finger was exposed to scream. After playing with her nipples were not the only reason he squealed Helen, Andy had slipped the crotch of his suit, on the one hand, and obviously it was a finger along her slit. Her hips made ​​sudden movements, as he found her clitoris and I realized I was close to cumming. I was a little worried about how far you take this as we were in a public place in the hotel pool. I think homemadesextube Ben realizes this too, because suddenly said he thought he should retirethe bedroom. Nobody is arguing that at least of all me, as I had found the strange episode great. Helen of prone position was helped and took him to the entrance of the hotel, followed by far my mind is in turmoil at the events. We will probably see quite a sight as we headed through the lobby, my wife of five men with their homemadesextube breasts almost falling support of his suit and any attempt by the boys, get a feel for it, as we went, homemadesextube and I with an erection poking in front of my shorts. As soon as we got to our room, he insisted, Helen, we used our bedroom, my friends moved to Helen. In no time she had her dress, and she was naked. I sat in a seat near the door, which was later called jerks my seat, which helped to bed, had hands all over her body as all the guys trying to get an idea of my hot wife. Her long legs were open and her pussy was open for all to see. Two of the boys were jamming began theirERS her tight hole as she turned to sex, other mauling her tits. No Jack, I realized from the beginning of his shorts. homemadesextube It was Helena 's face and rubbed his penis on his mouth and cheeks. The others followed and soon they were all naked. Helen looked like a woman possessed, her hips bucking up and down, and succeeded, as if it is to feel all the cocks at the same time. At one point she had a cock in each hand, one in the mouth and the other two are rubbed on her breasts and puffy nipples. was Ben who moved between her thighs first. His erection was huge, I realized it must have been for more than nine inches and very thick. There were veins along it and the head was a deep purple and seemed enormous. I wondered if Helen would be able to take this monster inside. My other colleagues had erections different proportions, was one of them, Andy, probably more than Ben, but not as thick. The smallest was about seven yearsCHE assumed much greater than the tiddlers that now flip when I was in the chair see also Ben at the end of his thick cock up and down my wife's slit, the entrance of her pussy pounding her little clit. He did this several times until he called his dick in the can. More jokes and asked them to pray for them. She has to beg for it, begged to fuck and fill it with his big thick cock. He smiled as she begged to fuck her and then gradually push his big cock in it. That moved over her head homemadesextube when she first came to her hips. Inch after inch sank into it, which seemed to be endless. with a few inches to go Ben asked Helen if she was enjoying it. He shouted again, this time I loved him and loved his cock. He gave it all along, and really started to charge it. I was able to stretch her ​​pussy lips around his cock as his body,nt to her like a piston. Helen seemed constantly running now, as you found it tremendously. Suddenly, her buttocks were pushing, and I knew that Ben was running on my wife. She screamed that she could feel his cum and I think she had an orgasm the last time his cock at the time. Ben slowly withdrew his cock from her and that seemed to last an eternity, although it loses its strength now. As he turned from her, sat back and invited us to the sight of my wife's pussy stretched obscenely. When homemadesextube I first saw Ben sperm drool ran out of his hole and dripped onto the paper. I was intrigued and I think Ben said this because he called me to bed. I had in my pants and my erection did for me when I went to see it. is your turn now, he said. It certainly was ready for a fuck, but when I got on my wife, who was laid back and said that was not what he said and pointed to her sex gaping hole. my OTRhis friends laughed when I realized what Ben wanted from me. He wanted me to clean after you have caught. I looked down at her pussy was stretched and running over his sperm. Helen had dropped his hand and fingers gently what is probably a homemadesextube very sore and tender cunt and saw me with just a hint of a smile on his face. Ben gave me a gentle push forward and that was enough, I knelt between my wife's open thighs and lowered my head to her pussy sloppy. I homemadesextube homemadesextube noticed the smile on his face turned into a smile and then laughed about it as I ran my tongue along her slit sticky. Some of my friends complained and others applauded when I started licking her open hole. Ben 's sperm was free now to take care of it and I licked and sucked on it, I knew a lot like homemadesextube mine, so I was happy to swallow it all down. I'm not sure how long I was there, but I pushed the time it was when Jack took his turn fucking my wife. I am aashamed to say that no persuasion needed to get my mouth back to her pussy after he had finished with her and I sucked her cum Jack well. As each of my friends take turns with her, I could clean. At one point I was in bed, my face against Helen fucked pussy as it was in my foot. Her pussy was so loose until the moment that the sperm directly from ran after her, I just stood there with open mouth and swallowed the lot. My behavior upset some of my friends, Mike and Andy, but they were happy I was there, so they are not so careless next time you take it. I think she felt I was degrading and was probably true, I would not have that a week ago, but things had changed since then. I had shown how a real man fucks a woman and now he was never going to be able to adapt. I never knew a woman hoping that Helen still calls pleasemy small penis. Do not fuck with Helen for the rest of the holiday, I have often not even in the same bed while sleeping, and not fuck with me, since either. All my friends have had as often as they wish and this has continued after we got home too. It is not uncommon for one or two of them stop at weekends or during the week to come to hell. I'm moving in homemadesextube the warehouse, when they are no more. I'm still allowed to clean up after she finished with homemadesextube me, and I have come to treasure those moments.
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